Our Goals

horse head bulletTo rescue unwanted horses from auctions and feedlots.
horse head bulletTo educate horse-owners and the public about proper equine care, and the problems of neglect, abuse, and slaughter.
horse head bulletTo rescue equines from neglectful and abusive situations by educating owners, helping to place at-risk equines and ultimately working within the bounds of the law to remove equines from their owner’s care when deemed necessary.
horse head bulletTo provide gelding for unwanted stallions until they can be placed in an adoptive home.
horse head bulletTo rehabilitate sick, injured and underweight equines and restore them to a state of health
horse head bulletTo end the suffering of those equines which cannot be rehabilitated by means of humane euthanasia.
horse head bulletTo find all equines that come under the care of CVHR a compatible, loving home.
horse head bulletTo maintain a ‘haybank’ to provide feed for horses in emergency situations.

our programs

Equine Rescue

Our primary goal is to rescue abused, neglected, starving and unwanted horses whether those horses come in from owner surrenders, animal control cases or auctions. These horses will receive the food, training and veterinary care needed to facilitate their recovery. Once the horses have regained their health they are made evaluated and made available for adoption to approved homes.

Private Tom, starving horse at Central Virginia Horse Rescue

PT on his first day

The economic situation has meant that there are more horses being sold and fewer people buying them. This has made it almost impossible to find homes for horses that are in danger. These horses are being abandoned, given away or sold at auction. CVHR will provide a temporary home for these horses until a safe and loving adoptive home can be found.

Horse ready for adoption

PT - Ready for Adoption

Gelding Fund

Many horses are unwanted simply because they are a stallion. At best, a well trained stallion has to be kept separate from the general horse population. At worst, they are unruly and hard to handle. They need experienced handlers and trainers.

Currently an untrained mare or gelding, sells for an average of under $200 and gelding a stallion costs between $200 – $300. Simple economics tell you that if you are in the market for a horse, you are going to look for a mare or gelding before you even consider a stallion.

Many people are faced with euthanizing their horse simply because they cannot afford to have it gelded and no one will take it (even free) because it is a stallion. Many others will just turn the stallion out with their mares and the result will be more unwanted horses.

CVHR will work with stallion owners to have the stallion gelded and then to find it a compatible home. If necessary, CVHR will accept the stallion for gelding, evaluation, training and re-homing.



Wonded Warrior Equestrian ProgramWcounded Warrior Equestrian Program

CVHR is proud to be a member of the Wounded Warrior Equestrian Project. Stay tuned for more information on our Standardbreds for Soldiers program. You can learn more about the Wounded Warrior Equestrian Program here.


CVHR will be working with youth through local 4-H clubs and scout programs. We also hope to organize a young rescuer’s club on site. We will have volunteers available to speak on horse care and rescue for any civic organizations. We also hope to work with animal control on educating owners of at risk horses on proper care and feeding.

Public Education

CVHR will be setting up a booth at local horse events and fairs. Brochures and material on proper horse care will be made available to the general public. We also hope to have horse health clinics with demonstrations of dental exams, microchipping, coggins testing, etc.

Cindy Smith was recently asked to do a short interview on the impact of a sign in Richmond. We regarded this as a great opportunity to educate people that U.S. horses are still being slaughtered.

Board Of Directors

Cynthia Smith - Cynthia has been working with horses for most of her life. She has volunteered with several rescues and is a past member of the US Pony Club, and 4-H both as a member and leader.

Nancy P Watson - Nancy has also been involved with horses most of her life. Nancy serves on the Tourism Committee of Brunswick County and is active in several other organizations. The rescue will benefit from her experience both with horses as well as her experience with other non-profit organizations.

Christy Lunceford – Christy has been involved with horses for many years. She and her husband Wayne host the CVHR Benefit trail rides at their home in Bracey, VA. We welcome her experience and committment to the Board.

Veterinary Care provided by:

Lunenburg/LaCrosse Animal Hospitals
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Tractor Supply Company
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