Be A Rescue Angel

Central Virginia Horse Rescue always has between 20 and 40 horses here that are recovering from abuse or neglect or here for re-training so that they can move on to their new home. We pride ourselves on taking the best of care of our horses and providing the quality feed, veterinary and farrier care that they need to recover but this is expensive.

People often think that the rescue horses get low quality, left over or older feed and hay, in short the bargain basement kind. The truth is that in order to recover and go on to a new home and career, these horses need higher quality feed than most performance and family horses. We strive to provide for them while keeping our budget within reason.

Our budget per horse in recovery is:

  • horse head bullet Grain – $100
  • horse head bullet Hay – $75
  • horse head bullet Farrier - $20
  • horse head bullet Vaccines & Coggins- $10
  • horse head bullet Float – $15

This budget does not include various medicines and special care that our recovering horses often need. Many of them come to us with issues that require extensive veterinary care and those costs come out of our general fund.

Rescue Angels can donate “in honor of” a specific horse or for all the horses. We are going to send a picture of the specified horse along with it’s story to each Rescue Angel along with a certificate. We will also be having special open house dates for our Rescue Angels where they can come visit the horses and the rescue.

There are so many horses in need of help and we can only help them with the generosity of people like yourself. You can be a Rescue Angel for as little as $10 per month or you can fully support one horse for $200 per month. Will you help us to help them?

Be a Rescue Angel