Standardbreds at CVHR


We love our Standardbreds.  Whether they move on to new homes or stay at the rescue to be used in our programs, they have everything that it takes to win… in this case, winning the hearts of everyone that come in contact with them.  These wonderful horses have given so much of themselves on the track, in their second careers and now will be getting the care and attention they deserve.  We have found that the standardbreds have a wonderful work ethic, great manners and a been there, done that attitude about life.  We hope to be able to use them in planned therapy programs.

Woman riding horse
Spare Time Carl
People often ask us why Standardbreds?  My answer is simple.  They can do everything.  They make great trail horses.  They are athletic enough to be dressage horses or hunter/jumpers or event horses.  They also have a been there, done that attitude about everything.  The standardbreds who have raced have been exposed to so much that they tend not get upset about traffic, dogs, balloons, crowds, etc.
These horses are often on their third career.  They have been a racehorse, an amish road horse and now are moving on to a career as a pleasure horse.  Most standardbreds come through all this sound and ready to move on.   We have had great success in getting them adopted.
We hope in the near future to use the standardbreds in a therapy type program with the military.  We are working to find funding, a therapist to work with us and a facility to hold sessions.