We thought at first that he might be deaf. Bogey had very little handling before he came here. He was extremely head shy and his true thinness was disguised by his long shaggy coat. After the second or third week, he started to use his ears again although he would not let us touch them. We believe that he had both of them twisted to enable the vet to pull blood for his coggins test.

Bogey has since been gelded and gained weight. He has come a long way with his trust issues but he still has a ways to go. Bogey still does not like his ears touched and we think it will always be something that needs to be done with kindness and caution.

 Bogey. Photo courtesy of Sarah Andrew
Bogey. Photo courtesy of Sarah Andrew
Bogey is looking for a home with someone who will continue his training with natural horsemanship methods or a foster/training home until he is ready for his permanent home.


Bogey has been with Tiffany Croxford at Croxford Horsemanship for training in February 2012. The cost of training is $450 per month and it will give him a great foundation for a new career. Bogey has been here since February of 2011 and has come a long way from that skinny unhandled and terrified colt..

May 2012 Update

Bogey has made tremendous strides with Tiffany. He made his first riding public appearance at our Benefit trailride. He handled all of the noise, confusion, 4 wheelers, dogs, trail obstacles, etc with calmness. He is currently available for adoption. He is 14.1 hands and 5 yrs old. He shows an affinity for jumping and has free jumped up to 4 1/2 feet. He is green but sound and ready to start training for whatever his future career will be. He has never shown any tendency to buck, rear, etc under saddle. His adoption fee is $300.

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