Wish List at CVHR

Barn Items

  • Medical supplies such as roll cotton, 4" brown gauze or 4"x4"
  • gauze pads, 4" cast padding
  • Cotton lead ropes
  • Break away halters (all sizes but especially small)
  • Gift certificates to feed and tack shops
  • Gift certificates to our vets:  Lunenburg AH,  LaCrosse AH, Brunswick Veterinary Clinic
  • Manure forks
  • Hog or cattle panels*
  • Round Pen Panels
  • Gates 10 ft, 12 ft
  • Stall bedding (baled shavings)
  • Dump bed trailer*
  • Western saddles & bridles
  • English Saddles and Bridles
  • Horse training DVDs
  • Horse Harness
  • Draft Mule Team harness
  • 2 & 4 wheel horse carts
  • Miniature horse sized driving cart and harness
  • Miniature horse halters
  • Horse hair detangler
  • Fly Sprays
  • Wormers
  • Tractor Supply Gift Cards
  • Southern States Gift Certificates & Southern States Proofs of Purchase
  • Rope Halters
  • Natural horsemanship materials
  • Fencing/Building materials:  Because we have horses we are always repairing, rebuilding, replacing and building new structures.  This is an on-going project.  We appreciate any type of building materials. If you have an old building that might have re-usable material in it, please let us know and we will try to get volunteers to dis assemble it and bring it to the rescue.
  • Electric Rope Fencing
  • 3-6 inch posts
  • Fencing energizers
  • 2x 4 lumber, 2x6 lumber, 2x8 lumber
  • Roofing
  • Recycled lumber
  • Horse safe fencing

    Big Ticket Items: This is a wish list and if we don't wish for it, how will it ever happen?

    • All Terrain Vehicle/UTV
    • Golf Cart
    • Horse Trailer w/ Living quarters for events, cruelty cases, etc.
    • 50+ acre farm with horse facilities in Central or South Central Virginia.
    • Run in sheds

    Volunteer and Staff: Our volunteers and staff have dedicated their lives to keeping these animals safe and finding them good homes. We would like to keep them safe and comfortable.

    Donate towards a training class scholarship

    • Protective eye wear
    • Work gloves
    • 2 Way Walkie Talkies
    • Gatorade and Bottled Water
    • Individually wrapped snacks
    • All terrain vehicle, UTVs
    • Wal-Mart gift cards, gift certificates to stores and restaurants use as incentives and rewards
    • Weedeaters
    • Lawn mower


    Office Supplies: These are the types of things that keep the business running.

    • File Folders
    • Paper Clips
    • Push pins
    • Ink pens
    • Envelopes
    • Kodak 10c ink cartridges
    • Fax machine
    • Filing cabinets


    For our kids programs: Central Virginia Horse Rescue is offering children's camps and clubs this year.  These items will help to teach the next generation about animal abuse, neglect and slaughter as well as teaching them good horse keeping skills.

    Animal related children's books

    • Gift cards to Michaels Crafts, Staples, Walmart
    • Glossy photo finish printer paper Colored computer and construction paper
    • Bulletin board paper
    • Markers and crayons
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Paper towels
    • Craft paint
    • Fun foam
    • Fabric markers
    • Colored tissue and Vellum paper
    • Animal themed stickers
    • Poster board
    • Ink pads and animal themed stamps
    • Blank media CDs
    • Animal themed fabric
    • Plain, white t-shirts (all sizes)


    For Events: Central Virginia Horse Rescue hosts several events throughout the year to help support our animals and further our mission of ending abuse, neglect and horse slaughter. By contributing some of the below items, you can help make our events an even bigger success!

    • Gift cards and gift certificates to area businesses for use in silent auctions and raffles
    • Gift cards to Michaels, Office Depot, Walmart, Staples for event supplies
    • Wine
    • Gift baskets
    • Art work
    • Gift items for raffle prizes