My name is Goggins. My caretakers named me after retired Navy Seal and ultra athlete, David Goggins. I am a draft mule, age yet to be determined. I was pulled from a kill pen in Virginia before I could be shipped off to another auction or to a worse location that no mule should ever go.

They thought I had canker but when I arrived safely at Central Virginia Horse Rescue they were able to take a closer look and determine it was actually not canker but something else. My caretakers at CVHR tried many different ways of treating this mass before they reached out to Virginia Tech for a biopsy. The biopsy came back that it was what we hoped was a benign fibroma mass. Once all of the other treatment options had been exhausted, Team CVHR sent me to Virginia Tech were the wonderful surgeons were able to surgically remove the mass from my fetlock.

I will be going back to Virginia Tech for a checkup and to find out if the fibromas are coming back or if the proud flesh has just taken over every where including where my skin graft was. I am forever grateful for all of my support group and eternally grateful for the donors who helped to pay for my trip to Virginia Tech. Thank you for not giving up on me!

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