Vinnie Van Gogh

Hi! My name is Vinnie Van Gogh, named after famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. I am completely blind and aged between 5 – 8 years old. At one point I must have been trained very well because I understand all of the ground handling queues, just some days I don’t want to listen to them. I have become very bonded with the 30 year old draft cross, Dolly that is a sanctuary resident at the farm. When I am separated from her, I begin to panic.

My caretakers believe that I am recently blind and still learning how to deal with it. I was found in a holler in the Shenandoah Mountains and no one claimed me for 30 days. Animal Control and the wonderful people at Central Virginia Horse Rescue tried really hard to find anyone who may have any background information on me at all.

Based on my body type and movement in the field, I am believed to be a Thoroughbred but I do not have a tattoo or a microchip. I will be microchipped by the rescue staff before I am placed into a sanctuary or adoptive home. I also came in under weight and so they are working to try to put some more weight on me before winter comes. My FAVORITE thing to do is eat and I eat a lot of soaked alfalfa pellets along with grain and hay every day.

I am very sweet and love to have attention from people. Just please don’t try to separate me from my companion Dolly as I tend to panic. I am also in the field with seniors, Rainmaker and Red Rose, who are senior miniature horse mares. They are also here for sanctuary and hospice care as they are in their 30s as well.

I will remain in sanctuary status at the rescue unless a great home with experience in blind horses is found for me. I would love to have sponsorships for my care and I also love to have visitors at the farm. My caretakers are accepting on site “partial lease” sponsorships that will allow you to come and spend time with me one day a week. They will limit these sponsorships to 4 people. If you are interested in being an on site partial lease sponsorship, please contact the rescue staff and they will give you more details.