Sponsor a Unicorn

Sponsor a Unicorn

Our Unicorns need your help to magically get their horns for the Unicorn Festival!  Each of our unicorns will get a horn made specifically for them. Sponsors will receive a digital portrait of them once they have gotten their horns.    You can sponsor a Unicorn with any donation amount and can choose either a one time  or monthly donation.


Sassy came from a hoarding situation in Person County, NC in 2012.  She has been a resident of CVHR since then. She needs a sponsor to turn her into a Unicorn!

Sponsor Sassy


Beauty came to us this week from Labrador Hill Sanctuary that has been closed. She is a sweet older girl who is truly looking forward to becoming a Unicorn with your help!

Sponsor Beauty

Peanut is so adorable with his wonderful blue eye and crew cut.  He is in his 20s and also came from Labrador Hill.  He is going to be quite the unique Unicorn.  Please consider sponsoring him!

Sponsor Peanut


Star is a cute little bay roan gelding who despite his contrary look in this picture is very sweet. He is 20 yrs old.  He was another one of our Labrador Hill Gang.  Please help him get his Unicorn Horn by sponsoring him.

Sponsor Star


Riptide is our smallest mini. He also came from Labrador Hill and he is not only the smallest but the youngest of our mini herd.  He wants to be first to get his horn and become a unicorn.  Please consider sponsoring him.

Sponsor Riptide


In Memoriam

Central Virginia Horse Rescue has recieved donations in memory and honor of the following:

MSgt Doyle “Bud” Gennings, a highly sought after judge of field trials.  He particularly loved horses and bird dogs.

Ted & Bonnie Holcombe

Ida & Tim Morello

Carolyn & Tom Hacker

Karl Trumpler Family

Allen “The Chief”  Jerkins

Halley McEvoy

In Loving Memory of Edward Epes

Susan Epes

CVHR Safety Net Program for At Risk Horses


CVHR Safety Net Program for At Risk Horses

I have watched at risk horses be bailed and placed over and over again.  Many find great homes but the danger when horses are given away is real.  Well meaning donors often bail the horse and give it to someone who says they will give them a great home but when that falls through there are very few options available for that horse and they often end up neglected or back in the slaughter pipeline.

The CVHR Safety Net program is a pilot program right now and depending on funding and the ability to find good homes, we will continue it.  It’s fairly simple and offers both the adoption and foster option.  We feel strongly that adopters should have “skin in the game” and so an adopters will be required to pay QT fees as well as vet/farrier, etc.  If they do not have funds available for that then they should Foster and can have the option to adopt for a nominal fee.

Our goal is not only to help more horses but ALSO to ensure their safety long term.

If we can find an ADOPTIVE home, CVHR will

?Fundraise for all fees.
?Approve Home
?Place Horse on our Lease contract for 90 days & then convert to first right of refusal contact.
?Take horse back at any time after 90 days.

?Adopter is responsible for QT, and all farrier/vet/dental fees in lieu of adoption fee or they can QT with us and
Adoption is final when horse leaves Tarheel.


If we can find a FOSTER home, CVHR will

?Fundraise for all fees
?Pay for QT, initial farrier, vet and dental fees.
?QT horse in Brodnax, VA for 30 days.
?Pay for vet care at foster home.
?Horse will be available for adoption after QT

?Foster will be responsible for feed, hay, trims.
Foster can request 30 day evaluation period before horse made available for adoption.

If you are interested in being a foster/adopted home, please fill out an application at horseadoptioncentral.org/adoption-application


Adopter/Foster must be approved by CVHR.  This includes a reference check and any other requirements must be met before taking possession of the horse.

Foster/Adopters are encouraged to apply in advance to avoid last minute and rushed approvals.

Horse must be “adoptable”.  This means that we cannot take horses into this program that have chronic health issues or lameness that renders them hard to adopt.  Horses over the age of 25 would also not be accepted into this program.

Horses can be nominated by Fosters, Adopters, or Sponsors but final approval remains with CVHR.  It’s not about the money, it’s about our capacity to make sure that we can do the best we can for each horse that comes under our umbrella.




Emma came to us from the Peaceable Farm Rescue
Emma came to us from the Peaceable Farm Rescue

‎”A bone to the dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with the dog, when you are just as hungry as the dog.” – Jack London


Donations to CVHR are always appreciated.  At this time, we are incorporated as a Virginia Non Profit and have received our 501(c)3 status. All or part of your gift may be tax deductible as a charitable contribution.  Please check with your tax advisor

Cash donations are always needed to provide feed and medical care to the horses, however ‘in kind” donations are also accepted.  You can send a check to

Central Virginia Horse Rescue
31262 Eagle Hill Trl
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

Or Donate by PayPal

We will accept donations of just about anything that we can use or sell especially tack and horse equipment which will be sold to benefit the rescue horses.