Youth Trainer Showcase

Our 2022 Youth Trainer Showcase has officially kicked off! 2022 is the first year that we have put together this Showcase and we are looking forward to tracking all of our participants through their journey.

Let us introduce you to the three youth who were hand selected from our youth volunteers to participate with their coaches.


Annabelle Rumfelt has been a horse enthusiast for her entire life. She began riding at age three and competing locally at five years old. Despite her early competitive start, her heart lies in training horses! Annabelle enjoys learning about working with young or green horses and helping her coach restart rescue horses. She aspires to become a professional trainer and rider for her future career! 

Coach Jeni Platt grew up on horseback on her family farm in Central Virginia where she participated in equestrian activities ranging from 4-H club knowledge events, horse shows, and statewide competitions. She began training horses at a local summer camp as a teen and teaching horsemanship to youth. Now, she is the Lead Horsemanship Coach at Storm Chaser Stables and an EAGALA certified Equine Specialist therapy facilitator. 


Callie is a 13 year old who has grown up on a farm. She started taking English lessons at 4 years old before transitioning fully into western riding. She is currently preparing for rodeo season by taking barrel racing lessons, roping lessons, and learning to bull ride. After her bull riding school in May she hopes to be riding at Oakland heights our local rodeo.

Tara Higgins is Callies coach and her Mom. Tara created a business called Horse and Soul Counseling at Higgins Hills Farm. Tara specializes in integrating horses into the counseling process. This is a family business that includes all family members including Callie’s 3 year old brother who helps with learning desensitizing horses. Callie’s dad, Derek is the ultimate helper of all things farm.


Kristina is a freshman at King George High School. She has been riding for eight years, six at Advantage Horsemanship, under the instruction of Kerry Miller. She has experience in the hunters, dressage, fox hunting, western games, team penning and trail riding. This past year she started eventing at Loch Moy Farm and has goals to pursue it further. She is excited to be working with Whiskey and inspires for him to be a rideable pony by February.

While each of our youth are working with their ponies, they rely on your support. Please consider a sponsorship in support of your favorite team!