We would like to take a moment to introduce you to our staff here at the rescue! Our team is made up of mostly volunteers with only two part time employees. We currently have approximately 150 volunteers who help with the every day care of the horses and the administrative tasks necessary to run the rescue.

Executive Director: Stacy Franklin

Stacy is Cindy’s oldest daughter and avid horse person. She began her journey in animal rescue working with different dog rescues doing both foster and transportation. After sustaining two very serious injuries from a foster dog, she had to take a step back from animal rescue for a few years.

Stacy has supported CVHR remotely through fundraising, marketing and administrative work since the rescue began in 2010 and took over the day to day management from Cindy in 2020 when the rescue leased a farm in Fredericksburg, VA, where Stacy has lived with her family for the previous 10 years.

Stacy learned her love of horses from Cindy who taught her how to ride at a very young age. Stacy has enjoyed owning her own horses as well as fostering horses for CVHR throughout the beginning of the rescue. She will be continuing on the rescue under the guidance of Cindy and the board of directors allowing the rescue to continue to operate in it’s new location.