Sponsor A Horse

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.”

Mother Teresa

At Central Virginia Horse Rescue, each horse arrives with a story — some have faced neglect, others abuse, and many are simply malnourished. They all need compassionate individuals like you to help them on their journey to recovery and happiness. By sponsoring one of our resident horses, you’re providing the essential care they need, which amounts to $31.90 per day or $957 per month. Below are just a few names of the horses who would benefit greatly from your sponsorship. This is more than just a donation; it’s a lifeline. It’s a partnership that heals, nurtures, and restores. Consider becoming a sponsor today and make a profound difference in the lives of these deserving horses. Visit our website to learn more and select a horse to sponsor. Together, we can change their stories from survival to revival!

Click on a photo below to learn more about sponsoring each individual horse!

Meet Shadow, a seasoned 1998 Standardbred at CVHR, who has gracefully stepped into the role of teaching horsemanship to newcomers without prior horse experience. Despite losing an eye to “Shadowitis,” Shadow continues to thrive, but he needs a special diet and maintenance supplements due to his age and lack of teeth. After overcoming EPM in 2023, Shadow may require future treatments. By sponsoring Shadow, you help ensure he receives the care essential to his health and happiness. Join us in supporting Shadow’s continued comfort and service at the rescue.

Meet Tallulah, a graceful teenage Anglo Arabian mare, who is currently seeking a loving forever home through Central Virginia Horse Rescue. Although Tallulah’s weak pasterns mean she’s best suited as a companion mare, she enjoys a happy life alongside her friends Josie and Mystic in a cozy small paddock. This sweet mare’s gentle nature makes her the perfect addition to any family looking for a non-riding equine friend. We’re also seeking compassionate sponsors for Tallulah to support her ongoing care and ensure she continues to thrive in the comfort and companionship of our rescue. By sponsoring Tallulah, you’ll play a vital role in her daily joy and well-being. Join us in making a difference for this beautiful mare and consider becoming a part of Tallulah’s support team today.

Meet Happy, a senior mule with a gentle soul who calls CVHR her home. Living with Cushing’s disease, Happy embodies resilience and grace. Her condition requires ongoing medical attention and specialized management to ensure her comfort and well-being. As a cherished member of our rescue family, Happy is seeking kind-hearted sponsors who can help us continue to provide her with the dedicated care she needs. By sponsoring Happy, you become a part of her support team, contributing to her daily joys and quality of life. Let’s rally together to give Happy the love and care this special mule deserves in her golden years.

Join us in supporting Gwen, a beloved mini horse at CVHR, who not only captivates hearts with her charm but also plays a crucial role in teaching horsemanship and enhancing equine community awareness. Diagnosed with navicular disease, Gwen requires continuous care, including specific medications to manage her condition, alongside her routine needs. By sponsoring Gwen, you’re ensuring she receives the necessary treatment to maintain her quality of life, allowing her to thrive in her vital educational role. Your sponsorship helps cover her daily care costs and supports her in continuing to be a shining example of resilience and education at CVHR.

Meet Melody, a cherished miniature horse mare in her 20s, who plays a pivotal role in Central Virginia Horse Rescue’s Youth Enrichment and Community Outreach Program. With her gentle nature and seasoned wisdom, Melody is not just a resident at CVHR but a beacon of joy and education for children and the wider community. Her presence offers invaluable lessons in care, compassion, and the deep bond between humans and horses. As Melody continues to dedicate her golden years to inspiring others, we invite compassionate individuals to support her through sponsorship, ensuring she receives the love and care she so generously gives.

Stella, a 2010 OTTB mare, graces Central Virginia Horse Rescue with her gentle nature, serving as a beloved companion horse. Her calm demeanor and kind spirit make her a treasure within the CVHR community, where she awaits a forever home that will cherish her as much as we do. As Stella continues her life journey, we invite compassionate individuals to support her through sponsorship, ensuring she receives the loving care she deserves while enriching the lives of those around her. Stella’s story is one of resilience and quiet grace, embodying the heart of what it means to be part of the CVHR family.

Join us in supporting Mireya, a resilient 6-year-old OTTB mare who’s begun her journey of rehabilitation at Central Virginia Horse Rescue. As Mireya prepares for a future of health and happiness, she needs your help. By sponsoring Mireya, you’ll contribute to her essential care, including specialized supplements like Farrier Formula, UlcerGard, and Flaxseed Oil, which are vital for her recovery. Your monthly sponsorship will directly impact Mireya’s rehabilitation, providing her with the support she needs to thrive. Consider becoming a sponsor today and play a pivotal role in Mireya’s journey to wellness. Together, we can make a difference in her life.