Adoptable Horses

Our goal is to put every rescued horse into a safe and loving home.  We pride ourselves on working with our potential adopters to make that possible.  Our job is not to judge you but to insure that the horse is placed into a safe and loving environment.

While we do our best to evaluate the horses available for adoption, we rarely have history past when they first came to the rescue.  As you work with your adopted horse, you will sometimes find issues that need to be overcome.  For this reason, we rarely recommend our horses for true beginners unless they are working with a trainer.  We are looking for adopters who are willing to work through those issues with additional training either for your adopted horse or sometimes yourself.  These horses have often been thrown away once, twice or multiple times and we want to put them in homes where there is a commitment to them, their safety and their care long term.

We do our best to ensure that this list is updated regularly but please note that we may occasionally get behind on updates so it’s best to email us to inquire as to availability or if you are looking for something specific.