CVHR Hay Fund

As we prepare for the 2022-2023 winter, we have begun getting quotes for large round bales to be placed in each of our fields.  We estimate that with this coming winter we will need approximately 60 – 80 round bales to feed through until the spring when the grass will be sufficient nutrition for the horses.

CVHR is responsible for the care and feeding over over 80 equine annually.  As we approach the winter months, we will need to purchase and store 60 – 80 large bales of hay to feed the horses that are in our care during a time in which the grass can not sustain their nutrition needs.  

Forage, in the form of grass and hay, is the most important part of a horse’s diet.  The average horse eats between 1% – 2% of their body weight daily.  With a daily average number of horses at CVHR being 25 – 30, that means our horses are eating anywhere between 250 – 600 pounds of food daily!

Feed, Hay and Supplements account for 25% of the total annual expenses for CVHR.  Your generous contribution will ensure that these horses are able to continue to recover and thrive!

For donations by Check please mail to: CVHR Hay Fund, 31262 Eagle Hill Trl, Frederickbsurg, VA 22407

For donations by PayPal: