Sponsor a Unicorn

Sponsor a Unicorn

Our Unicorns need your help to magically get their horns for the Unicorn Festival!  Each of our unicorns will get a horn made specifically for them. Sponsors will receive a digital portrait of them once they have gotten their horns.    You can sponsor a Unicorn with any donation amount and can choose either a one time  or monthly donation.


Sassy came from a hoarding situation in Person County, NC in 2012.  She has been a resident of CVHR since then. She needs a sponsor to turn her into a Unicorn!

Sponsor Sassy


Beauty came to us this week from Labrador Hill Sanctuary that has been closed. She is a sweet older girl who is truly looking forward to becoming a Unicorn with your help!

Sponsor Beauty

Peanut is so adorable with his wonderful blue eye and crew cut.  He is in his 20s and also came from Labrador Hill.  He is going to be quite the unique Unicorn.  Please consider sponsoring him!

Sponsor Peanut


Star is a cute little bay roan gelding who despite his contrary look in this picture is very sweet. He is 20 yrs old.  He was another one of our Labrador Hill Gang.  Please help him get his Unicorn Horn by sponsoring him.

Sponsor Star


Riptide is our smallest mini. He also came from Labrador Hill and he is not only the smallest but the youngest of our mini herd.  He wants to be first to get his horn and become a unicorn.  Please consider sponsoring him.

Sponsor Riptide