Photo Shoot to Adoption

Sometime earlier this year I made a post on my personal Facebook as a joke about a Men with Mini’s calendar. The feedback I received from that single post with people begging the rescue to do it convinced us that we needed this to be a thing. We had quite a few miniature horses and enough men to cover all of the months.

Our photographer for the photo shoot was Peggy Dunn Photography who has donated her photography services to the rescue in the past. We had to schedule two different sessions in order to make sure that we were able to include everyone into the calendar that wanted to participate.

When Scott showed up, we had planned to have him, based on his outfit, with golden girl, Red Rose and her pink leg warms (fly boots). As I held Star, I asked Scott if he was interested in also having his photo taken with Star who needed someone that was going to be able to manage his personality.

Star came to us completely feral. You may have had luck getting close to him to give him a treat but he spent most of his 7 years learning how to evade being handled or caught. He came in with both his mother (Ashley Marie) and his father (Noah). Star’s behavior was considered too dangerous for us to make him available for adoption because when he wasn’t trying to drag you he was rearing and striking at you to tell you to get away from him. The team spent hours for months working with him to get him more comfortable with people and he sadly spent the first month or two he was with us stalled with daily walks and hand grazing. Star had to be sedated to be handled at all.

Slowly he started to come around but on that early morning in June, Star found his forever family. When I sent Scott’s wife, Merissa, some sneak peek photos of Scott and Star, I got a reply back saying “oh my god, I have to have him.” Merissa has adopted from us in the past and owns a dog training business, Fuzzy Logic, in Louisa, VA. After thinking about the type of home that Star would need, we determined that there was no better fit for Star than Merissa and Scott.

We would like to congratulate Merissa on her adoption of Star! We know he is going to make a wonderful addition to your herd and we can’t wait to see the updates of him in his new home!