Jack’s Story: From Starvation to Adoption

Jack is the second of our June 2022 seizure horses to have found his home! Jack, then a stallion, came to CVHR in June after being starved and after 238 days we finally had authorization to geld him and find him a home. Jack had little to no handling experience before arriving with Team CVHR and it would be months before he was healthy enough for our trainers to do any extensive work with him

Jack at Intake

While Jack’s case made it’s way through the courts, the CVHR team spent time focused on his rehabilitation and ground training.

It was 338 days before CVHR received the news that the judge had ordered the horses surrendered to the county and ownership was thus transferred to CVHR. Upon hearing that news, we made the appointment to have Jack gelded in hopes that he would find a loving home that would finish out his training and provide him the care that he lacked in the early part of his life.

Jack found his forever home 352 days after arriving in the care of Central Virginia Horse Rescue in June of 2022.

Jack’s Total Cost of Care: $8,514.32