CVHR Gets a New Home!

Central VA Horse Rescue at Eagle Hill Farm

The move to Fredericksburg!

The decision to close Miracle Meadows was a difficult one but also a necessary one.  Never would we have imagined that we would soon after be relocating the Horse Adoption Central to Fredericksburg!  Central Virginia Horse Rescue was founded by Cindy in 2010 when Rosebud entered her life.  That was when she knew that she had a new purpose, rescuing horses from the worst fate imaginable at auction, rehabilitating them and finding them a new loving home where they would have a better chance at life.  Rosebud was the start of something that has grown into a successful and respected organization 10 years later.

In 2019, Cindy was diagnosed with cancer and her health has declined in a way that she knew that she would be unable to continue to provide the care needed to continue the rescue herself.  The decision was made to close Miracle Meadows and the search for homes for the residents began.  Shortly after, the opportunity arose to move the rescue to a farm that was not in use that would be the perfect new home for Horse Adoption Central under the new management of Cindy’s oldest daughter, Stacy.

The move got off to a rocky start due to the challenges that COVID brought to the state of Virginia.  Between state shutdowns and health concerns, the negotiations and move took slightly longer than expected however in May of 2020, the lease was signed and the first horses arrived!  As the farm had not really been in use or maintained properly for a few years, there was a lot of work to be done.  The fences were in rough shape, the barn needed to be cleaned out and fixed and the equipment needed repairs but we were determined to bring the farm back to life and once again be able to start saving neglected and abused horses.

Coco at Central VA Horse Rescue

The first two residents of the farm were Coco and Hope.  You might remember Hope from a seizure in 2016.  She was so emaciated that she was unable to stand on her own 4 legs.  Six years later, Hope found her very own little girl!  Coco is still waiting for her forever home but until then, she loves to greet visitors at the farm and is always fond of treats.  While Coco and Hope may have been the first two residents, they certainly weren’t the only ones.  Through the support of the community,  we built a solid core base of volunteers at the Fredericksburg facility enabling us to save a total of 26 horses from a variety of places including abuse/neglect cases to auction horses saved from kill buyers.

Between August and December we had 12 adoptions with 8 of those adoptions happening in December!  In addition to Hope, who had been at the rescue the longest, we were able to find homes for 2 horses that came from an animal neglect situation, 2 mules who were surrendered to us when their owner passed away, multiple horses from auction and one owner surrender.

As we move into 2021, our Fredericksburg team needs your support to help not only the resident horses in our care but also the six Christmas ponies that have landed with us at HAC in Fredericksburg.  The number of horses that we are able to responsibly care for at our new farm is dependent on the volunteers who spend countless hours helping to take care of the horses daily and donors who ensure that we have the necessary resources.  You can help us continue our mission of making sure that every horse has a loving home by donating, volunteering and sharing!  Every volunteer makes a difference in these horse’s lives.

Frosty George - Senior Percheron
Frosty George – Underweight senior Percheron

We need you to help make Horse Adoption Central successful!  Please consider volunteering or sponsoring a horse today.

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