2021 Intakes

We have had a busy month and a half at Central Virginia Horse Rescue! So far this year we have taken in a total of 7 horses, all from owner surrender situations.

In January, we brought in Shadow and Marcus through our Safety Net program. Their owner was unable to keep them and needed a place for them to go. Marcus was adopted privately through a rescue staff member and Shadow has been receiving the care that he needs to be ready for adoption. Shadow is an almost 23 year old branded Standardbred. Shadow has tested well with everything and was formally made available for adoption after his farrier appointment this week.

The next three intakes also came back to the rescue through our Safety Net program when their owner was no longer able to keep them. Little Hope is back with the rescue and after an evaluation period will be available again. Hope was broken under saddle last year and is a petite Arabian/Quarter Horse mare. She is approximately 10 years old.

Along with Hope, we also brought in her pasture mates, Zeus and Artemis. Zeus is a senior branded Standardbred that is approved for light riding due to a previous injury that he had. We haven’t noticed any soundness issues with him but will be monitoring for any issues during his evaluations. Artemis is a senior tattooed BLM Mustang. Artemis has tested well in all situations and we are awaiting nicer weather to test her under saddle. She loaded on the trailer, stood for the farrier and has been enjoying being spoiled by our volunteer team.

Intakes 6 and 7 were also in the first week of February. Bo and Susan arrived, through our Safety Net program as well when their owner needed to find a home for them due to circumstances beyond her control. Bo and Susan came in as a bonded pair but they are adjusting well to being a part of the mini herd.

Susan has proven to be a little challenging to catch and our volunteer team is working with her on socialization so that she will be able to go to a good home. Bo appears to have settled in better and will come up to visitors when in the pasture.

As we finish up the evaluations and determine their needs, our newest intakes will be made available. Some may be available earlier than others depending on their own individual needs.

Each incoming horse receives an evaluation and has services scheduled as needed such as vet exams, farrier care and dental floats. Through our rescue supporters and donors, each horse is able to receive this necessary care to prepare them for their adoptive homes. Your donations help to provide these horses with a second chance.

The current pandemic has been hard on the horse community in general. There are a lot more horses needing your help more than ever. We thank you for making it possible for us to be able to care for these beautiful animals.

We thank you for your Support of our residents and adoptable horses!

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