Giving Tuesday Sponsor-A-Thon

2021 was another year of growth for the CVHR family. With your support, we have been able to help 60+ horses in need within our community. These horses have come from owner surrenders, animal control seizures, auctions and kill pens. No matter where they have come from, one thing remains the same, you have been able to give them a second chance at life.

Over the last year we have needed to provide sanctuary to more horses than normal and we have taken on some complicated medical rehabilitation cases. With your support we have been able to provide emergency medical care to horse like St Nick who spent his first month with us being treated for severe stomach ulcers and multiple choking episodes. We were able to fully rehabilitate Christmas from a body score of 1 to his successful adoption where he is now currently fat and happy with his adoptive mom.

In order to continue to assist the horses in our care and additional horses within our community, we are asking for a monthly sponsorship of one of our more long term residents. Sponsorships start as low as $10 per month.

Your monthly donations help support:

$25 – Bag of Feed

$50 – Hoof Trim

$75 – Vaccines

$150 – Veterinary Visit

$250 – Emergency Veterinary Visit

As our special for our Giving Tuesday Sponsor – A – Thon, we have 3 special gifts for everyone who sponsors one of our horses!

$10 monthly sponsorship – 5×7 Photo of one of our horses

$25 monthly sponsorship – Special Holiday Ornament

$75 monthly sponsorship – Exclusive Team CVHR Jersey

From our kill pen rescues Andy, Bruce and Goggins to our sanctuary residents Dolly, Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip, we aim to provide each one with the best care possible through your support. On average, the CVHR Volunteer team is caring for roughly 25 horses daily. Our residents range in health from fully healthy to those receiving multiple veterinary visits a week and multiple treatments a day.

We thank you for your continued support allowing us to continue the mission of providing care to neglected, abused and abandoned horses!

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip is a 30 year old miniature horse gelding. He came to the rescue due to his special dietary needs. Chip is unable to eat anything outside of

Chocolate Chip

Peanut Butter is a senior retired lead line pony. He has severe arthritis in his knees and diminished eye sight. He has been given sanctuary at the rescue due to his medical needs.

Peanut Butter

Vinnie is a young (estimated to be 5 or 6) Thoroughbred who is 100% blind. He came to CVHR as a stray.

Vinnie’s Sponsorships

Goggins is a draft mule in his late teens. He is currently receiving medical treatment for a growth on his front fetlock.

Goggin’s Sponsorships

Dolly is a 30 year old Belgian Quarter Horse cross. She retired from carriage driving and has received sanctuary at CVHR. She wears padded front shoes to help with her arthritis and takes daily medications for arthritis and cushings.


Beans and Frank are a miniature horse pair that belong to our Youth Outreach program and act as CVHR Ambassadors at special community events.

Beans and Frank

Shadow is a retired off track Standardbred. Shadow is a valued member of our Youth Outreach program teaching our older kids and teenagers about horsemanship and ownership.

Shadow Sponsorships
Dr. Hilton’s Sponsorships

Dr. Hilton, aka Andy, is a retired off the track Standardbred. Andy has a permanent lameness that does not affect his super sweet temperament. Due to the severity of his lameness we expect that he will be with us long term while we look for the right home for him.

Blindedbythelight, aka Bruce, is an off track Standardbred who came to us fall 2021. Bruce has a deviated septum that has earned him the affectionate nickname of Darth Vader. He is currently available for adoption.

Bruce’s Sponsorships

Panda is a farm raised pocket pony Standardbred. She is our most recent intake and currently in rehabilitation for weight gain and veterinary care.