Two Standardbreds for Christmas

GRASS TWISTER (T8208) and DVC DANCEHALL DOC (8BD00) are begging for a Christmas Miracle!  They have been given until December 6th to find someone to pull them or they will be loaded onto the truck and shipped off.

While we originally went to the site and looked up Dancehall looking at the videos of Grass Twister’s graying face along with her sweet (almost broken) disposition brought tears to my eyes.  The graying on her face makes her look older than she is giving us an indication of the hard life she must have had after leaving the track in 2002 as a 4 year old.

Dancehall shows signs of soreness, whether from hard work or being tender footed on the gravel, the discomfort is visible.  We don’t know much about where he’s been as he has no race history.

Can you be their Christmas Miracle and give these two horses the second chance they deserve?

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