Not So Baby Chase Heads to Boot Camp

In late 2018 we pulled a dapple gray BLM Mustang mare we named Fable and her little baby colt from a kill pen in Oklahoma.  The colt we named Chase and we watched him grow alongside his mother at our farm in Kenbridge.

Baby Chase with his mother in 2018.

Chase was moved to our Fredericksburg farm location in June of 2020.  When his pasture mate was adopted we sent him on a training foster with one of our volunteers.  At that time, Chase was unable to be handled in the slightest bit.  His halter remained on at all times with a lead dangle at the bottom so that you could grab him if you needed to.  The sound of the clip from the lead line would cause him to bolt.  Cindy had made great progress with him before his gelding but the gelding process set him back again and we were starting over with gaining his trust.

Chase at his foster farm morning February 7, 2021.

Chase has remained with his handler until today when we were able to successfully move him from their barn to the Advantage Horsemanship barn in Stafford.  Moving Chase to the Advantage Horsemanship barn was a task but with a lot of teamwork from both locations we were able to get him onto the trailer and then off of the trailer and into the corral they set up specifically for him.

Chase has proven to be an incredibly intelligent horse through his training however that also makes his training a little more difficult.  Chase remembered his touch training that he had been doing with his handler today with Scott during his initial meet once we got him to their barn.  He was curious enough to want to come up to us while we had him corralled and would continue to take treats or his feed from our hands.  Eventually, after a lot of patience and work, Scott was able to get the final clip attached on Chase’s halter and we all decided to leave things on a good note with him at that point.

Scott’s initial work with Chase on his halter.

We are looking forward to seeing Chase progress further with Scott at their facility.  You can follow his progress on their Facebook page, Advantage Horsemanship with Scott Purdum.  Additionally, we will be sharing progress reports through our website and social media.  We know great things are in store for Chase and we are excited to give him this opportunity to advance his training.

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